Monday, February 15, 2010

Behind the pace.

As the Knitting Olympics progresses, I begin to think that I may be farther back in the pack than I thought.

I honestly thought I'd be finished the first sleeve by now.

But the sleeve, it likes to watch re-broadcasts of old portions of the Olympics.

The Sleeve, it likes Josh Groban singing that Haiti song...

Maybe tonight. Maybe this will be the evening of uninterrupted knitting.

Last night, there was an impromptu Halo party. Completely geeked out with a projector, so there wouldn't be a whole lot of screen-peeking.

But the guys had fun, even if I didn't get a lot of knitting done among the crashing loudness of the battle royal.

Oh look! Canada's flag! I bet the sleeve would like to see the medal ceremony tonight, and hear O Canada for the first time.

I'd better pick up the pace. Good thing both boys have Kung Fu today. That's an hour and a half of knitting right there.

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