Friday, February 12, 2010

Knitting Olympics

Four years ago, I participated in the Yarn Harlot's Knitting Olympics, churning out a baby cashmerino blanket in the 12 days of the festivities. I gave that blanket to a girlfriend of mine who miscarried shortly after that, with the hope that she would soon triumph over the tragedy.

I just got a note from her on Facebook last week, with a photo of her SECOND child using that same blanket. The four intervening years have been full of healing for her and her husband, indeed.

In drifting in and out on the Yarnharlot's blog, I stumbled onto This Year's Competition yesterday...

Hmm. Can I get something going in 24 hours?

Am I a competitor?

Will I knit something during the events?

I thought about it for a minute, and then decided...


Yes, I am.

I am a knitter, and I need the impetus of others in the same boat as I am. And I am going to knit something that is NOT socks. And something that is NOT a scarf. And something that is NOT a baby blanket.

I am going basic.

Basic Black.

(I wish I looked that good in a sweater, by the way!)

Years ago, I actually had a brief correspondence with the designer, and I always said to myself that I would like to make this... some day.

Well, SOME DAY IS TODAY! I will be casting on for this during the opening ceremonies.

I did a test swatch last night, and got perfect gauge on needles one size smaller than suggested. I love the feel of this fabric once it's knit up!

Basic Black in Mirasol Tupa (50% merino wool, 50% silk), but not in black. I'll be knitting this puppy in brown. Or, rather... "Dark Auburn".

Oh nuts... do I have enough skeins? I'd better start winding this up into balls. There's an hour before teh opening ceremonies start on NBC (although I hear that they've already happened in Vancouver, but we're on tape delay. What's up with that???)

I'll be taking copious photos during the Olympics. It's the only way to keep me on task.

Now... to start winding balls.


Sraikh said...

I miss knitting. I dont have the patience anymore. I will keep a look out for the finished product.

P and D said...

Yes, of course you can do it. You can do anything! By now, you've probably knitted three sweaters, four pairs of socks and a blanket. Sheesh, woman, you need to rest. :)

I have to take time and read and catch up. At a quick glance, I can't believe how big your kids have gotten!! Wow. Has it been that long?!