Thursday, February 11, 2010


Did I mention that I am still in love with the toads in Nate's class?

Did I mention that Nate's teacher is WAY more in love with them than I am?

I haven't become bold enough to pick the toads up in my hands, but I will pick them up in their spoon. They seem to enjoy sitting in the spoon and going for a ride.

Alas, I haven't figured out how to hold a toad in a spoon AND take a photo of him. That'll be my next-week project, when we have the toads at our house for the Mid Winter Break.

Their tummies are SUCH great colors.

You can really see why they're called "Fire Belly" toads.

That's Toxanne's belly. Poison doesn't have so much black, but is also much more timid about strutting his stuff at the glass.

When it comes to handling the pets, though, I'm still much more willing to hold a fuzzy little critter.

Hello, S'more. How do you like living in Kelly's class as the class pet? We miss you at home.

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