Friday, February 19, 2010

Wednesday Fun

The Littles have been off this week, and apart from getting nothing done from my "To Do" list, we've had a bunch of fun.

Wednesday morning, Nate's teacher came over to see the pet menagerie. She brought her two sons, who are in love with the toads. I have forgotten how destructive a two-year-old can be. Egads, some of the pets were lucky to come away with their lives, that little boy has a G.I Joe kung-fu grip when it comes to 'fragile things'. I didn't take any photos, because I had my hands full keeping the hamsters alive.

Too bad, though. There were some great photo opportunities.

Anyways, it was a gloriously sunny day, and I didn't want to waste it sitting inside (which I *knew* would happen if we just stayed home), so we packed up some stuff, and headed to the coast.

Knowing that Mavericks Surf competition had just been on the weekend (and that there had been some MASSIVE waves come ashore during that event), I wanted to keep the kids away from the water, and away from the potential for rogue waves. Yeah! Like that was going to happen... But I gave it a good try, and took the kids on a hike first.

Looking down from this point, we saw something kind of fun. There weren't kids building sand castles on the beach... today there was a different kind of sunbathers hogging the sand.

Let's take a closer look... Oh look! They're all watching me. Am I that much of a threat? Or maybe they're just mugging for the camera.

We kept hiking up on the bluff. Nate and Kelly had fun chasing each other around, and pretending to be trees.

I even updated my self-portrait.

When we got to the beach that we were going to go play on, we had a bit of a surprise...

County workers were fixing the beach access. The stairway was gone, and in its place was a bobcat track.

So we turned around, and headed back to the seal-covered beach.

But there were distractions along the way. There always are.

What is Nate so intently looking at? Let's zoom in...

Eventually we got back to the first beach. It was mostly taken over by the seals, and there were signs up everywhere to stay back from the seals. Apparently 'harrassing marine mammals' is a federal offense. Whoopsie.

But the kids didn't want to play with the seals. They wanted to play with the waves.

It was a pretty good afternoon. The only problem was that it ended too soon.

But there can always be a next time...

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