Thursday, September 30, 2010

Homework Buddies

After school time at our house is a steady stream of Kelly's friends, coming over to do homework, or to be 'babysat' by me (not really babysitting, but their mothers like that I'm home when they're not, and I like that Kelly is pretty much forced to do homework and practice her flute when certain friends come over, because "I promised so-and-so's mother that she'd get her homework done before the two of you played")

Anyways, today was no exception. Thursdays are Addie days. Addie went to a different elementary school, and I know her mother through the Moms in Touch group that we both go to. Now the girls are at the same school, and Addie's church is far away and doesn't have a mid-week youth group, so Kelly has invited her to join ours. Addie's mom is a doctor, so to not have to arrange to pick Addie up one day a week is a bonus for her, too.

Anyways, the girls have the same teacher for Social Studies, but have it in different blocks. Fortunately, the teacher gives the exact same homework to all her periods. So the girls are sitting down at the big table, heads together, while I am in another room. There is probably more chatting and giggling than is warranted in a truly diligent homework session, but I know that they will get the work done, so I don't quell the noise.

Suddenly, out of the middle of the conversation, one of the girls' voices floats above the hubbub....

"Well, of COURSE you can talk during her class. It's called *SOCIAL* studies, after all."

I nearly died laughing.

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