Sunday, December 25, 2011

A big box of...

 We did things a little differently this year.

After a lovely brunch out with friends, we came back to the house on Christmas Eve, and OPENED OUR PRESENTS!

This should take a bit of the stress out of the next few days, while we're scrambling to get to Canada.

The kids had a ball with all the loot.  I think they were more surprised that we were opening early, than they were about the actual, you know, gifts!

Just one story, as it's time to do other stuff here.

It came time for Skip to open his "big gift" (this year, he had a giant box, really heavy.  Didn't know what it was, and actually, didn't think it was for him, as I wrap the kids gifts from us in three different wrapping papers, so they can't guess who's got what).  It was too heavy to lift, so he just unwrapped it where it sat, next to the tree.

He couldn't shift it.  It was too heavy.  So he just ripped the paper off the one end, trying to discover what the box might contain.

OH LOOK!  Skip!  You've got a giant box of...

Poor kid.  Kelly wanted a pony, but Skip got a box of ass.  Hee haw to you, my boy.

Fortunately, he kept unwrapping, and was pleasantly surprised that it was actually GLASS!  Whew.  Wouldn't that have been worse than a box of coal.

It's a giant box of Torani Lemon Syrup.  Twelve bottles.  One for each day of Christmas.

he's a little protective of his stash...

Merry Christmas, all.  It's after 10, and I think I finally am hearing the family stirring.  I wonder if they forgot that there are still stockings...
And croissants, seeing as I've been up for 3 hours, getting the last of the laundry done, and the packing started...

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