Thursday, December 29, 2011

Green Christmas

 Greetings from Canada.
After a much-worried-over, yet rather uneventful drive, we made it to my folks' place in the middle of the afternoon yesterday.
The roads were rather cooperative, and apart from the slushy bits outside of Hope, and the crazy drivers in said slush, and the complete fog-bank white-out on the Pennask summit, we had a pretty easy go of it.  The kids always hope for a hotel with a pool, and when we got to Bellingham (after a great experience with a pizza-place-found-on-the-internet in Everett - man, I have got to bookmark that place, because it was fabulous), the kids were on the lookout for that tell-tale 'pool!' sign on the hotel billboards.
We pulled into one that the kids were all excited about.  Pool!  Sauna!  Jacuzzi!  It was heaven!  And when I went into the lobby to check on the price, it certainly was right.  $50 less than the place we'd usually stayed in Marysville.  And then we drove to the parking spot we'd been assigned, and I realized that the "POOL!" was surrounded by a fence, and covered by a blanket.  Um... hello, out-of-season pool that has been put to bed for the winter.
But the kids got over it, and we goofed off in the room for a short bit before crashing hard and sleeping the sleep of the dead.
Also?  The continental breakfast ("FREE!") wasn't so bad, either.  I'd count it as a win, all things considered.
So we're now in BC, having a relaxing time with very little snow.

Like the new look?
Mom is getting involved with the local cancer support center, and makes hats for anyone who wants them.  A friend said "Hey!  I've got some stuff that your cancer group might like" and it turned out to be a pretty spiffy wig.  It's almost enough to make me want to cut my hair, except that if my hair was that short, it would stick out to my shoulders, as it's about a dozen times thicker.

Kelly liked it, too.

She'd make a good ginger.
After a quick supper, we got down to business at mom and dad's.

Dad liked his multiple seasons of Everyone Loves Raymond.

Kelly got treated well, too.

So did the boys.

But what had the kids been waiting for all day...?

Come on!  It's SNOWING!  Let's go outside in our bathing suits!  Because we're  crazy Californians!

It was a good way to end the long drive.

Next up, we hunt for snow.

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