Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Let's crash a party

 Unlike Narnia under the White Witch, where it was "always winter, but never Christmas', life around Google seems to be "Always Christmas, but never winter..."

Until today.

I had a few minutes of 'turn around' time after getting the Littles from school, and I'd come onto G+ to just look at a few pretty pictures (I follow a bunch of really talented photographers).  At the top of my stream was a shot of the Android Sculpture Garden in front of Building 44, and things were looking decidedly WINTER.

I made an executive decision:  I could stay home, and fret about the concert tonight.

Or I could take the kids on a sudden and unexpected excursion.

It was Field Trip Time!

I texted Ken, but he didn't know anything about the sudden cold snap at Google, so I thought I'd just go and take a look myself. Maybe the photo was from the archives and I'd just missed the date stamp, after all.

It was the real deal, and the kids were over the moon.

The area was cordoned off, but that didn't stop kids (and employees) from scooping snow from the periphery, and making little snow things.  Or eating it. (yuck)

It kind of looks like snow coming down, but when you get closer, you can see it's got a few chunks, too.

Giant Android is impervious to the cold.

Soon, someone "in charge" removed all the caution tape, and we were free to go play in the snow.
The kids were ecstatic.

Even Ken made an appearance, saying "Well, I didn't know about it, but that's probably because it's a private party for one of the other groups at Google."

Um... I believe that means that we just CRASHED A PARTY!

Oh well.  we're here now...

The kids got really cold, as the gloves weren't really "snow" gloves, but just fashion gloves to make you look good.  So the piece de resistance for them was when a mobile restaurant (aka Roach Coach - but honestly, you'd NEVER call this thing a roach coach) pulled up, and started handing out fresh gingerbread men and the most exquisite hot chocolate you've ever tasted.  And then, if you wanted, you could add Torani peppermint syrup, giant dollops of soft whipped cream, and as many mini marshmallows as you could fit in your cup.

"This is the BEST way to spend an afternoon!"

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