Monday, December 12, 2011

Lights, Camera, Traction!

Let's see if I can just use 'talking about my photos' as a way to get a bit of traction in the 'get back into writing' groove.

You like that shot up there?  Kelly took it.  I'd like to talk about how she really nailed the Christmas Bokeh feel, and how you can get lost in the sparkle of all those bright colours, but the truth is that she started taking photos while my camera was still set to manual focus, and this is really just a happy accident.

This was taken last night, on Eucalyptus Street, a beautifully decorated street in one of the cities on the Peninsula.  Many years ago, Skip's 'extra Grandmother', Grandma Bey lived on this street, and back then, the town would hold "Christmas Decoration Competitions".  Eucalyptus Street won it most, if not every year, and Grandma Bey proudly displayed her plaque on her mantle.  Now, to be fair, she never decorated her yard.  The neighbours on either side strung lights up from their houses towards hers, and met in the middle.  They took care of her like that, and I really appreciated it.

Anyways, we've been coming to see this street for years.  Kelly usually brings a friend along.  Yesterday, I carved out an hour while Skip was at a high school youth meeting, and took Kelly and her friend Addie.

(I think the orange tree behind their heads is on Grandma Bey's old front yard.)
THey had fun walking up and down the street, even though the rain was threatening, and actually sprinkled for the first half of our visit.
In the "Not every hit is a home run" category:

(this kind of makes me laugh, actually)
The decorations ran the gamut, and all were pretty superb.

And when the girls found decorations that were out of alignment, they tried to fix them.  I thought that was cute.

My favourite tree!  These ornaments are each as big as my head.  Maybe bigger.

And every trip to Eucalyptus street isn't complete until the girls have had theiir photo taken with Santa.

This photo took a bit longer than I thought, as there were a rush of folks who were very happy for me to take their photos (or their kids' photos) with Santa.  It made me feel like a *real* photographer, so I was happy to do it.  I blame the fancy pro-grade tripod that Ken got me for my birthday.  Makes me look like a bona fide.

I tell you, these decorations are really something else.  I bet you can see them from space.

Ah, and I can feel my stress dropping, as I wish you all a holly jolly Christmas.

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