Monday, March 06, 2006

26/52 ABC *E*

26/52 ABC *E* 3/6/2006
Remembering the origins of this series: (taken from a now-favoritized entry in aya's diary)


  • The photo must be taken BY you, or have you IN it. No grabbing photos online, or from others. That would be cheating. And possibly stealing.
  • Post your entries using a title along the lines of : 26/52 ABCs - A (I think I'm going to set up a chapter for this)It can be posted anytime within the 2 week period, so don't think you have to do it on the first day. No pressure.
  • Have fun, be creative. We're gonna have to be, especially for X, lol. You can play around with your pics as much as you want on photoshop, paintshop pro, etc. The base just needs to be a photo by you or with you in it, and with the weekly letter in it.
  • You can write a blurb to go with the photo, but it's not necessary. I mean, if you post a picture of corn, you don't have to say "C is for Corn", we'll get it. But if you post a picture of a fireplace with a fire roaring, and snow falling outside, we may not get that "C is for cozy", ya know? But, give us the benefit of the doubt, we're kind of smart. Sometimes.
  • Feel free to urge your other Faves to do this.

And here's my next one in the series:

E is for...

This picture was taken about two seconds before that elephant raised her tail all the way, and let fly with a stream of about fifty gallons of piddle. The kids were FASCINATED! And of course, once you've peed, you may as well clear out the bowels, too. Oh man, it was ALL the kids would talk about ALL the way home from the zoo. (taken at Kelly's school trip to the zoo, last October)

And E is for.....

Anyone...? Anyone...? Buehler...? Buehler...?

OK, it's a trick question. E is for Engraulis mordax. The northern anchovy.

And E is for EXPEDITION (this morning)

And E is for...




(last weekend. JUST before the rains hit. Hard)

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