Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Typhoid Skippy

Typhoid Skippy 3/14/2006
There are 5 kids running around inside my house right now.

And Ken is working from home.

Of course, I am in avoidance-mode, and so am writing an entry. Heh.

Skip's conference was this afternoon.

I'll get to that in a moment, but when we were coming onto campus for the meeting, I ran into another mom from the 5th Grade.

Turns out that there were ELEVEN kids in his class today. And NINE in the other class.

The class is over 50, total.

Lots of kids coming home from Outdoor Ed Week with some sort of sick. Sixty percent absent rate.

*looks around sheepishly*

I wonder... Skip was looking BETTER when he came home than when he went away. I wonder if he's Typhoid Skippy.

I went with my friend Lisa on a knitting field trip this morning.

I've never been to The Knitters' Studio in Menlo Park before.

It's a pretty nice place. Pricey in the extreme, but they were having a 40% off Overstock Clearance sale, so that brought the prices out of the stratosphere. Somewhat.

Did I show restraint? Did I walk away?

Well, not really. Though I did show restraint.

I snagged 2 skeins of Noro Fuji. It's a cotton/wool blend. I have no idea what to do with it, but it was purdy.

I found it online for $7.95. TKS sold it for $9.95, but it was part of their 40% off overstock sale, so that made it a bit more of a bargain.

And then there were skeins of Noro Lily. Two different color-ways.

I'm going to try my hand at entrelac knitting with these.

And then Nate picked out some Crystal Palace "Splash" that looked like a parrot flying through the rainforest, so I had to have that, too. Of course, he completely mangled the ball, so I was morally "forced" to buy it, right?

Lisa has already finished her first project, and is moving onto a blanket. The folks at TKS were very kind to her, and helped her out a lot. I think we'll go back again.

But our next "field trip" will be to Creative Hands, my own fave LYS. I've got a membership card that gets me discounts, you know. I've gotta get my money's worth on that thing. And besides, they'll be moving closer to my place soon, and I've got my fingers crossed that they'll be having an inventory clearance sale, so they don't have to move as much stuff when they change locations next month.

How many days of Lent have passed?

I still haven't gone to the Paint By Numbers site. It's been close a couple of times, though.

Kelly has a little friend over.

Nate has a little friend over.

Skip is currently hiding on the couch with his head in his hands. Exhausted much? He's spent a good amount of time playing an impromptu made-up game of "Here comes the monster" which had all four of the youngsters in stitches. He's gonna make a great dad some day, but he's gotta learn how to pace himself.

I distracted the girls with a little 'chore' of cleaning Gentle's cage. Of course, the little boys had to get in the act, and then Gentle went missing, so I had to shoo everyone out of the room before she got stepped on by four zealous "rescuers".

So now Nate and Dan are playing construction in his room, and Kelly and Gina are getting ready to play "camouflage hide-and-seek". Kelly's got a leopard print gym leotard that's the same pattern as the pillows on our family room couch, and she thinks she's just a regular chameleon when she wears that, and then lays under the pillows. She's trying to get Gina to wear another of her leotards, so they can be 'matching', but there's only one leopard leotard.

Gracious. I just now realized how close those words are. It just didn't look at ALL right, Leopard, and Leotard side by side.

Speaking of being a little slow on the uptake...

We've been in this house for nearly 6 years. Shortly after moving in, we painted the bannisters white, moving away from the 'drab dark brown'. Nearly instantly, I realized the error of my ways, as those shiny white bannisters showed EVERY mark, EVERY smudge, and EVERY dust-mote (not to mention EVERY blood smear... but that's another story)

Anyways, so, for the last 5+ years, whenever I've wanted to clean the railings, I've gone up and down the stairs with the cloth and the cleaner. And then, to get the OUTSIDE of the railing, I've gotten up on a chair, or some other precarious perch, to reach up and wipe down the outer baseboard.

Last week, (oh, please, someone mop up the stupid paint that's dripping off my fingertips) I realized... for the FIRST TIME EVER, that I could actually reach OVER the railing, and reach the outer baseboard, turning my 10 minute "Oh, do I REALLY have to do this now?" task into a thing of seconds.

I feel like a Tard with a capital RE.

Bunnyhug update:

T minus three days, I think.

I've cast off the front neckline, and am mostly done the right shoulder shaping on the front. Just the left shoulder, and then the hoodie to knit and attach.

Incentive: I really want to get motoring on some entrelac knitting next week.

If only I could get this excited about cleaning my house, or paying my bills.

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