Friday, March 24, 2006

Kick start!

Kick Start. Now with 50% more cookie editing 3/24/2006
I've been in a dry spell.

I come here a million times, open a window, and then think "what? I've got nothing"

I need a kick start, or something. At least, some way to ease back into writing that doesn't need a photo-prompt.

But then again...

I was knitting last night, watching TV. Something about the Great Lakes. I kept humming "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald". And then I was cold, so I made a cup of tea. Lovely white Earl Grey, Jj, just in case you were curious. Had it on the coffee table in front of me, and had a grand old time. Finished it up, and then got distracted, and didn't take my dirty cup to the kitchen before I headed to bed. (nothing new here. Lately, I've turned into the Anti-Housekeeper. That's gotta change, and soon)

And I think I may have just found the motivation.

I woke up this morning to find THIS waiting for me on the coffee table.

Let's zoom in for a closer look...

Oh Jim! Ji-i-i-i-mmmmmm!
I do believe I need a little Ant Killing Action.

At least they're not in my kitchen...

Cold comfort.

Dear County Court Jury Commissioner:

While I'm flattered that you keep insisting on sending me Jury Summonses, I must, once again, regretfully decline. I'm not a citizen, you see. I wasn't a citizen the first time I got one of these things, and I'm only now in a position that I could start the Citizenship Process, if that was something that was right for our family. I'm sure you're just so eager to have me serve, and I promise that once I'm a citizen, I'd be happy to take on that responsibility, but sending me a summons several times a year does seem pointless at this time, and is not going to speed up the process appreciably.

Although I appreciate this proof that one doesn't have to be a registered voter to be summoned. I'm sure that my (American Citizen) friends who have been paranoid about voting because they were sure that THAT would be the trigger that would have them serving in Jury Hell for the rest of their natural life will be happy to hear that they can indeed register to vote without fear.

Your Landed Immigrant Friend
Kemma Parker

My inlaws arrive in 5 days.

Can I have a collective "eek!", please?

I don't think I've EVER been this unprepared for their arrival. I've let the place go. I've taken on too many other things, and I've given in to Sloth.

Maybe I'll get in gear today.

As a wee incentive, I've got a dozen people coming over tonight. That'll at least get the downstairs public areas tidied. And a bathroom or two sparkly.

At least, I hope so.

And because one should never ONLY have ant photos in an entry:

Kelly's latest play-date.

First, they made cookies.

(*edit* some of you wondered about that vertical cookie sheet. Well, the story is that I had already asked them to say cheese, and focused when Kelly's friend decided to 'show her cookies off to their best advantage' and hoisted the sheet. The reason that Kelly is looking at her and not me is because those cookies are actually in the PROCESS of all sliding off the cookie sheet and onto the floor. And really, the sheet isn't completely vertical. It's probably sitting at 75 degrees, but still easily steep enough to launch the cookie dough)

Then, they got rewarded while the cookies were baking.

And then they had a love fest, because they were SUCH GREAT BAKERS and SUCH GREAT FRIENDS.
(or maybe it was just that they were having a sugar rush)

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