Monday, March 06, 2006

Off he goes!

Off he goes 3/6/2006
Skip is off to Outdoor Ed with his classmates this morning.

After a weekend of fever, he seems to have rebounded ENOUGH for me to shove extra stuff into his duffle bag, slap his daypack on his back, and say 'Don't let the door hit you on the way out.'

A weekend of fever?

Why yes. He was sick ALL weekend.

He seemed to perk up a bit on Saturday morning. His fever was down into the 99's, so when I left for Dress Rehearsal at 9 Saturday morning, I thought "oh, he'll take it easy today, and that fever of yesterday will be just a dim memory".

When I got home (at nearly 5pm! eek!) he was playing "Doom: The Boardgame" with Ken, and looking mostly perky (though that might have been because Ken made him have a shower before he played any games), but by 7pm, he was ready for bed again.

And Sunday, while he looked perky(ish) at breakfast, by the time we got to church, he was sagging, and when I touched his forehead, he was pretty hot. He spent the service draped across my lap, while I scratched his (hot) back with my (cold) fingers, and then we zoomed home where he went straight to bed (after popping a few kiddie tylenol to bring the fever down). At dinner yesterday, he seemed back to normal, although he does the wounded animal thing pretty convincingly (when he wants to do something that might be precluded if he's sick), where he LOOKS fine, but you just don't know. And I had no trouble putting him to bed early last night.

This morning, even with the extra sleep, it was pretty hard to get him out of bed, but when I said the magic words: "Outdoor Ed", he perked up, and got dressed without any fuss. His fever's gone, but I think he's still recuperating. He looked pretty subdued at the school this morning at drop-off, but he was grinning as he put his duffle bag in the line up, and started milling around with his buddies.

I hope he has a great time.

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