Friday, November 28, 2008

Christmas List Help

Ken finally lit a fire under the boys to type up Christmas lists.

Of course, it was after I had already gone shopping for the day. But the lists were waiting for me on Google Docs when I got home.

But I need a little help... Please!

Skip didn't want to write a list, so Ken started one off for him, reading along while he typed in the document...

"Things I want for Christmas, by Skip Parker... An orange computer. Orange pants. An orange shirt. An earring..."

At this point, Skip squealed like a girl, and wanted to take over the typing. There would be no earring requests.

But now I am at a loss. Here's his list, and I have NO clue what he wants...

Skip's Christmas List

  1. Computer that can play Starcraft 2 and Spore ( I like the one on page 84 of the Spore magazine)
  2. Starcraft 2
  3. H+H2.PC.V(H3.PC.V if out)
  4. AC.PC.V
  5. That book.
  6. Iron Man DVD

Er... what the HECK is H+H2.PC.V?

Or H3.PC.V?

And, um... AC.PC.V?

Anyone what to hazard a guess at what "*That* book" is? "Tropic of Capricorn"?

Oh well. he started off so well. I know EXACTLY which computer it is that he's got his eye on. Anyone surprised that it's orange? I'm not.

And while you're thinking about what those cryptic entries, numbers 3, 4, and 5 are, I distract you!


It's a low-budget Paris Hilton purse-pet.

Oh, and here's Nate's list:

Nate's Christmas List

  1. Manatee (webkinz)
  2. Skate or Ray (stuffed)
  3. Line Shirt
  4. iPod (not pink or purple)
  5. Bicycle
  6. Drum Kit
  7. A game
  8. Wall-E(DSgame)
  9. StarCraft2
  10. A computer (that works on StarCraft2)
  11. Spore Creatures (DSgame)

Well, nobody every will accuse him of aiming low...

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