Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I am avoiding big ugly jobs in my house by blogging.

Go me!


Last week, Ken had a Board Gaming Night, so while I was out with the kids in the afternoon (half days for parent/teacher conferences started last Tuesday. Kill me now!) I asked them what they'd like to have for supper, seeing as Dad wouldn't be around, and I was feeling generous.

Now, my kids are not exactly in the "Adventurous Eater" demographic, so I was pretty surprised to hear them all agree on "Fondue!"

Hello? When have we EVER had fondue in our house?

Oh! You mean... dipping anything edible into chocolate ganache? Of course you do.

So after lunch, we popped by the local grocery store, and everyone got to choose their favourite fruit. Then we went home, and got the homework out of the way (oh! They were SO cooperative, knowing that there would be no 'do I have to eat this?' food on the table that night. I really should pre-reward them more often)

Then it was Kung Fu time, and once that was out of the way, Let The Fondue Commence!

Skip was in charge of making the ganache. He's really quite the chef. And he can make any quantity, seeing as he's figured out the ratios, and has quite the facility with doing the cooking-math in his head.

He decided on TWO ganaches. One would be extra dark bitter chocolate ganache, made with Panther Bars (these 88% cocoa chocolate bars that are some 'save the endangered species' marketing wonder) The other one would be merely Dark Chocolate, made with Ghirardelli bittersweet chips. I know. The hardships, they overwhelm me.

And while he was cooking, Kelly and Nate were busy making the rest of supper.

(yes, start small with crescent rolls out of a tube...)

And I was put to work cutting up the fruit.

And then... HORRORS! I set up all the supper fixings on the coffee table in the family room, and let the kids WATCH TV while they ate. Seriously, I think they thought they'd died and gone to heaven.

(ok, so the peaches were out of a can. Skip's vote had been for nectarines, but YOU try finding nectarines in the middle of November. It's just not happening)

All in all, it was a pretty sweet supper. And even with the TV running in the background, I got a whole lot more conversation out of the kids than we normally get around the kitchen table with NO distractions.

Hmm. I think I may be reprieving this event in the future.

My hips won't thank me.

But my goodness, it sure was a nice treat.


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