Sunday, November 02, 2008

No wonder I'm so poor

Nate's been cleaning out my bank account.

First, there was the incident on Friday at school. When I got to the elementary school in time for their (rescheduled to be inside, and therefore absolutely chaotic) Costume Parade, I discovered that there had been some activity at lunch.


Nate is our child who NEVER messes with his teeth. When he loses a tooth, it's because it literally FALLS OUT. No wiggling. No manipulation. No tugging or pulling. And absolutely NO talk of tying a string to it and slamming a door, or any nonsense like that. His front teeth have been hanging on by threads for weeks. At the dentist on Wednesday, they were amazed that the two teeth were still in his mouth, but he didn't want any "help" sending the baby teeth off to their final rest in a tooth-coffin.

(ps: In case it''s not clear, he is being and Indian Puffle for Halloween. His choice. I told him I'd like him to wear Skip's old costume that I made for his second grade "Pilgrims and Indians Thanksgiving Feast" festivities, but Nate wanted to be a puffle (again), so this was his compromise. And when they're 6, you just let them run with it.)

I just realized that his make-up is smudging. Let's get a good look at the original facial art work. (Hooray for Google's Family Halloween Shindig - on the day before Halloween, and the face-painters that they hire)

That feather was an absolute MASTERPIECE!

And here's a better shot of the costume that I killed myself making for Skip (I sewed all that back when I had a NEWBORN, what was I THINKING????)

So, that was Friday. Hey, Tooth Fairy! Unload your wallet, please.

Then Saturday rolls around....

Hmm. Sorry for that shot up the nostrils.

This one had the Tooth Fairy scraping the bottom of her purses to find enough coin.

As my father in law used to say, with a twinkle in his eye, "No wonder I'm so poor"

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