Friday, November 07, 2008

Friday Follies

Well, our family is going in eleventy-three different directions yet again.

This evening, Skip is off to play with his Jazz Combo (and can I just say that I *never* get tired of saying that?) at a school district fundraiser gala event, and Ken is taking him. After he finishes playing, he's gonna be taking dad out for sushi at our favourite sushi place. Yum.

But while he's doing that, The Littles and I will be heading across town to drop off ALL THE OLD BIKES at our pastor's house, because his father in law has a connection with this place that gives underpriveledged kids 'new' bikes. I hope our old bikes are in great enough shape, or that his connections can work miracles and make them all sparkly and new again. I'm glad they're getting new lives, and I'm VERY glad that they are Finally Leaving My Garage.

I've got onions sauteeing for French Onion Soup tomorrow evening, to go with the Butternut Squash bisque that I'm going to make, and the Corn, Chorizo and Chipotle chowder that Ken will make tomorrow morning. Yum, my mouth is watering.

Good thing that we'll be stopping at Dairy Queen before we drop off the bikes. Heh.

OH! And isn't this just the cutest treat? Hamster popcorn! And these little cobs are about as big as my thumb. I'm so easily amused.

On the knitting front...

Remember that glorious skein of yarn in the previous entry?

Tell me, how can something that glorious knit up into something THIS DRAB?

It's like those vibrant greens and blues just VANISHED when I wound that yarn up into a ball. And where did all that muddy black and grey come from?


Oh well. It's cashmere. It can't be ALL bad.

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