Monday, November 24, 2008

Getting back into a groove.

Man, I must've blown the wad posting that last entry... SIXTEEN DAYS AGO. Egads. Oh, lots of stuff continues to go on, mostly with that "I'm barely holding on, but in a good way" sort of chaos.

And I know if I could just get into a routine (with a TON of stuff in my life) that things would just go smoother. Isn't that the same for everyone? Please, tell me it's the same for everyone.

So here I go. Fresh start every day, right?

Today, I give you a Pet Retrospective for the month.

Pet Number 1. Midnight.

He's a love. I truly think that he rides the short bus. He has no real sense of danger. No real desire for self-preservation, as it comes to the world of 'duck and cover', but he's not flighty and dare-devil, either. Either he's shooting blanks, or I cut short the little hamster-love tryst on November 5th, because there has been no baby action. We will try again in January.

Kelly and I took him outside yesterday. He enjoyed his time on the grass, and didn't get snatched up by a hawk, which is always a good day.

He's turning brown in his old age. A nice chestnut fade out from his blackness of babyhood.

Pet #2. S'more.

So, her little Hamster Palace that we bought for her when we got her? I hate it. It's atrocious to clean, and she spent all her time in her exercise ball, turning it into a nest/hoarde/potty. But she didn't go potty in the ball. She went into the tube-matrix, and peed in there, so she'd get pee all over herself while she scooted through the tubes, and then she'd back up against the air-holes in the exercise ball, and shoot her pee out through the gap, getting it all over the windowsill, the window, the dresser. It was a mess.

So I 'downgraded' her.

She changes it up every day. One day, she's sleeping in one corner, the next, she's made a big nest behind the wheel. Then she's shifting all the bedding to a new place. And she's SO cute when she sleeps.

And she went outside yesterday, too.

Pet Number 3....


A THIRD pet?????

Well, you see, Kelly had a cavity at this last dentist appointment, and she had to have a filling done.

And I'm a softie..

Here she is, waiting for the freezing to take effect. And while she was waiting, I let her phone her grandmother to tell her all about it.

And she felt all flubby and drooly after the (tiny) filling was done, so I told her that we'd blow off the rest of the school day.

But what to do with our "mom and me" time?

Well, we were REALLY close to PetCo....

Oh, the downfall of that place when matched with my miniscule restraint.

Meet Honey...

Honey (or, as I like to call him... "Bob") is a white Betta splendens. This picture isn't the greatest. But Kelly's quite fascinated with him.

OK, Maybe this will give me some kick in the pants to get blogging again.

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