Saturday, September 04, 2010


So, I may have mentioned, over the course of this summer, that things haven't really gone the way I'd have planned. The whole 'dad knocking on heaven's door' sickness in the late spring, followed by the car accident, the subsequent goat rodeo of repair and fail, and then mom's cancer diagnosis.

Yeah, we've had better summers.

But don't be down. There have been some true blessings along the way, too. I am well aware of that, and I don't write that above paragraph in order to garner any pity or compassion. Only to set the stage.

On Wednesday, I was running about a million and a half errands. I don't even want to write them down, because then I'd have to put little stars by about three quarters of them, showing the things that did NOT get done. So we move on. Anyways, I was just heading out of the house (egads, for the FOURTH time that day) when the UPS guy pulled across the driveway, and blocked my path.


Has Ken ordered more board games? (that's the usual reason that the UPS guy and us are on a first name basis)

But no. This was a small square box, heavy for its size. And it was addressed to me.

Was I sleepwalking, and watching the Home Shopping Network in the wee hours? And worse... was I BUYING stuff?


This was a box from Fairytale Brownies.

And it was packed all around with cold packs.

Looks like something I should open right away...

Such a beautiful package.

And such a touching card enclosed.

Let's look inside, shall we?

Ooh. Obviously a company run by women. Look at how cute the little internal packaging is!

And what's under this lovely purple tissue?


And they're individually wrapped. Now, if I can just pace myself...

I've lovingly hidden the box on a high shelf in my fridge. If I don't dip into it every 15 minutes, I should have little chocolatey bites of love for several weeks to come.

Thank you, my very special friend.

You know who you are.

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