Monday, September 13, 2010

Just call me Robin Hood

On Saturday, Toni called to see what Kelly and I were up to.

Well, I had just finished giving Jewel a bath...

Here he is, air-drying.

...and we were just getting ready for a sewing lesson...

(she made a duvet cover for her room)

But after that, we were free!

Toni suggested that we join them at the archery range, and that's what we did.

It had been a super hot day (which I hadn't noticed, because I'd been inside - and downstairs - all day, and our downstairs is notoriously chilly), probably getting up into the 90s, but up under the thick canopy at the archery range, it was really very pleasant. There weren't many bugs, either, and that was a bonus.

(Kelly's getting better and better on the camera)

I must say that I was a little bewildered by all the technology that has infiltrated the old sport.

Back in the day (you know, when I had to walk to school... in the snow... uphill... both ways), you wouldn't have all these fancy-pants sighting guides, and arm braces and eye-pieces on the cord, and quick-release arrow-holders. You probably would have had to make your own arrows out of twigs, too.

Oh well. After shooting six or so arrows, I stepped aside, so the girls could have their fun.

This is at the little shooting range, where you've got a bunch of targets set up at various ranges, and you can get a bit of practice in before going on the 'shooting course', which is sort of like 15 holes of golf with a deadly weapon. It's a lovely trek through the forest, and we were lucky in that there was pretty much nobody else around.

I think this is at "hole" #2, or #3.

I was pretty pleased with this next shot. If you look closely, you can see that the arrow has been released, and the red of the fletchings is shooting off, making a blur as it leaves the bow.

But I suppose it's true that if you take hundreds of photos, you're likely to get a good one every now and then.

It was just so very peaceful in the forest.

Daffy didn't stand a chance...

And then I came home, and had a little bit of fun using Picnik in the picasa photo editing software.

I love how "70s" this next effect looks. I've got some shots that would fit right in to that era, I think.

And then I kind of got carried away...

Saint Eddie of Equinia

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