Friday, September 03, 2010

Travelogue part 6 or 7... lost track.

So I'm on a new laptop. The old one, bought before Nate was born, was getting digital Alzheimer's, and had about 5 and a half K of disk space remaining. But I am not saying anything disparaging about it, because I don't want it to lose all my photos in a fit of pique.

This one, I call Happiness Contentment Laptop, (A) because all the stuff HP sent Ken about it came from Shanghai, we watched the shipping track across China before it headed to Alaska, and when we lived in Vancouver, it seemed that all the Chinese businesses that started up near us were some variation of peaceful adjectives, followed by the business type. So we had an Efficient Successful Driving School, and near that was a Quality Value Accountant's office. and (B) I am happy and content with this new supposedly-no-frills machine that is about a ZILLION times better than you know who, who still has all my photos locked in a tortoise-speed hard drive.

Anyways. That's my long-winded excuse for the title, because old Mr. Lappy kept track of the titles that I'd used, and suggested titles in a 'did you mean "this"?' sort of way, so i didn't have to keep track.



After a fun-filled day in Victoria, it was time to say goodbye to Vancouver Island and head to Whistler.

Oh, if only we'd did a little research, and discovered that the Nanaimo ferry terminal was slower than molasses in January, and was ALREADY at 10 in the morning, running a two-sailing wait.

We had a 4 hour wait.

At the ferry terminal.

In Nanaimo. Which would be fine, except that they moved the ferry terminal from downtown (where I thought it was), to the middle of nowhere.

But we gloss over that little bit of fail. And we won't mention Ken leaving his wallet at the pizza counter in the terminal, and then us all saying "What are the odds? ANOTHER Ken Parker is being paged over the intercom!" And all travel is an adventure, even if you spend ONE of your FOUR days of vacation trying to get from one cool location to another.

We got to Whistler just as it got dark. Our hotel was waiting for us. We slipped into the pool on the roof in the dusk, and were the only ones there, as many folks had been scared away by the threatening rainclouds. Who's afraid of a little rain? Not us.

The next morning, I was up at dawn (can't WASTE vacation time sleeping!), and headed out for a little excursion in the mist. It had rained in the night, and the clouds were still pretty low.

It was nice to be out in the quiet. Before anyone really was up and around.

I remember watching this on TV and being so very sad. The memorial is quite touching. There are all sorts of little things left on the table.

There were quiet little viewpoints everywhere, and I was glad not to share them with the crowds. This pool was wonderful, just there by the side of the promenade. I was a little taken aback, though, to see a giant wet spot beside the pool, as if something big had gone in for a swim (or fishing?), and had pulled itself. Large footprints led away from the pool, and I had to wonder... Did I just miss seeing a BEAR in the middle of Whistler? it wouldn't be at all surprising, but I was a little bummed to miss the photo opportunity.

After my reconnaissance walk, I went back to the hotel to find that EVERYONE was still sleeping. I made lots of noise, and phoned over to Toni's room, as well, and soon we were ready to begin our day.

The boys even got in a game of checkers in the lobby while we were waiting to check out. For our next sleep would be at our time share,

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