Saturday, September 18, 2010

How's That for Service?

I went to the doctor on Monday.

Not because there was any pressing need, except that my TB test certification was about to run out, and the only way my doctor's office gives a TB test is with a full physical, just in case you, as a patient, were thinking you could just slide in and fly under the radar, and never actually get a check-up.

So I cut things really close, as my TB certification expired on Wednesday.

Anyways. Had to meet a new doctor, because when I phoned to make my appointment, the earliest that my 'regular' doctor could get me in was in January. Um, yeah, that's not going to work. But this new doctor was lovely. And I've officially switched over to her. The office has gone all digital and electronic, so she was updating my file on the computer, and got to get first-hand my history, rather than juts reading it out of a file. And I brought up the fact that my mom has cancer, and my dad is recovering from rhabdomyolysis. As far as histories go, mine's pretty uninteresting. No meds, no concerns, no life traumas. We just had a nice chat, and then she suggested I have blood work done for a baseline as we go forward. I got an updated tetanus booster that was bundled with the new pertussis vaccine, as we're going through a pertussis outbreak here in the schools, and I'm working with kids on a nearly daily basis. But ouch! The next day did my arm ever ache. I'd forgotten the joys of booster shots.

I couldn't do the blood work on Monday, because it's an 8 hour fasting sort of thing, so I came back on Wednesday morning. I was expecting to wait for an hour or so, seeing as it was just a walk-in sort of situation in the lab, but i got called back almost immediately, and the blood draw was speedy and painless. Then I popped up to the doctor's office and had the TB test read. You'll all be thrilled to know that I was negative. Woot. yeah. Pretty uneventful.

And then I went home and thought "I wonder how long it will be before I get my results" You'd think in an ideal world you'd get them back within the month. A ton of blood panels, a pap, the whole nine yards.

I got a letter in the mail YESTERDAY.

All my blood work, all my test results. And a personal note from the doctor expanding on a few things we'd talked about in the check up.

I was impressed.

Too bad I probably don't have to go back to see her for 3 years now.

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