Sunday, September 05, 2010

Travelogue part 9. Waterslides!

When the boys were done with the mountain bikes (this being a record of our adventures at the end of July, touring around BC while our girls were at summer camp in the Okanagan), we went back to our timeshare in Blackcomb. It had been a full and active day, and we were all flagging just a little bit.

The big boys were happy to discover that there was an arcade near one of our suites, and that ALL the games were FREE!

But after we'd gotten checked in, the piece de resistance was the awesome WATERSLIDE in the pool right outside our door.

We did expect Nate to show a bit of caution...

...seeing as how he's not all that comfortable in the water, but what really surprised us was Skip. Mr. "I Will Not Get Wet", Mr. "Water Is For Drinking Not Playing". The guy who only goes into the pool under duress, and then, it's usually only to sit in a hot tub and be social.

But no.

What did we see?


Head first? Say it isn't so!

And getting totally wet? Unheard of!

I guess those 3-times-a-week swimming lessons in Freshman PE really paid off. He was swimming laps to the end of the pool to get out, even. This is not the same timid-around-the-water boy from last summer, that's for sure.

Before long, Skip and his buddy Cole had an entourage of all the little boys in the pool, and they ALL wanted to have rides down the slides.

Look! You can barely see Skip's lower legs. The rest of him submerged so the little guy could have a 'more fun ride'.

Eventually Nate, who had been watching timidly from the sidelines, decided that it just looked like too much fun, and he got in on the act.

I think if we hadn't eventually decided that we were starving to death, the boys would STILL be in the pool, making endless runs down the waterslide. But hunger prevailed, and we headed out to the Mongolian Grill. I love that place. You only pay for what you take. You start with a bowl, and you put all your raw ingredients in it, it gets weighed, and then they cook your selections for you on a giant round griddle pan. So Nate wanted shrimp and carrots, he had shrimp and carrots. Skip wanted ONLY red peppers? He got ONLY red peppers. And I think his supper ended up costing us $3. And then they gave us a 'vegetarian discount' because Skip is afraid of meat. Gotta love it.

A perfect end to a perfectly full day.

But it was an early-to-bed night for us, as we had to leave at the crack of dawn to get back to Kelowna (over some not-so-fancy roads) by noon the next day, and it was a 5 hour drive.

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