Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Morning 2010 Part 1

You know, my heart goes out to you mothers (and fathers) who have kids who are so excited about Christmas that they wake up at the crack of 'dawn somewhere ELSE in the world', and wake you up with the bouncing on the bed, and the chanting of "pre-SENTS, pre-SENTS!"

This year, I thought, for just the shortest while on Christmas morning, that maybe my family had moved out overnight.

I got up at 845am, and the house was silent.

'Twas the morning of Christmas
And all through the pad
Not a creature was stirring
Except mom, who was glad.

I figured I probably had a bit of time to putter around, so I got busy in the kitchen.

I was pulling the last sheet of Lebkuchen Angels out of the oven when the first set of footfalls was heard on the stairs.

First, it was Stocking Time in the family room, while Ken had a shower.

(From l to r: Kelly's turquoise zebra stocking, Nate's Charlie Brown stocking, Skip proves his stocking is empty by wearing it on his head)

Stockings take a while because everyone tries to figure out what's inside all the little red-wrapped parcels.

"I think this is... candy"

"This present is not whispering any clues to me. I don't know what it is"

"Mom, this does not look or feel like something that I would like OR need"

OH... ha ha.

(I think he thought it was cologne)

The kids got head-lamps. Now they can read in bed.

Skip started his kitchen gadget collection, getting an ORANGE silicon spatula. (and in the background, Nate has unearthed the stash of Ghirardelli chocolate squares in the toe of his stocking)

A freshly-showered Ken joins us while the stocking action is still going strong.

That's the stocking my mom made him for our first Christmas together, celebrated at their house, and using stockings for the very first time (as stockings were the tradition in HIS family, not mine)

Ken also added to his kitchen gadget collection, when his stocking barfed up an offset spreading knife.

Soon, everyone had an empty stocking, and I noticed something...

"Skip, your hair is a greasy mess. Go have a shower before we open presents. I don't want any more photos of your hair dripping with anything other than water."

So, Skip headed up to the shower, and we went into the living room, and listened to Ken play the guitar for a while.

Merry Christmas to all.

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