Friday, December 24, 2010

Lazy-mom Construction Co.

Every year, my sister-in-law (the one with the 5 kids) makes this incredible gingerbread-house masterpiece.

I mean, architects would be proud of what she accomplishes.

And every year, she gets better at it, and the projects get more involved and more fantastic.

And then, every year, on New Year's Morning, the kids descend and consume it. She figures by that point, it's got enough accumulation of dust and germs that it should boost their immune systems for the year.

I have always just been an observer of her skills, and have cheered her on.

This year, though, my kids got the better of me, and asked, asked, asked, and then begged, if they could make a gingerbread house, too.

Hello Trader Joe's! What do we have here?

My prayers have been answered. My children will not be 'homeless' for the holidays, after all. All this, and only $7.99? Truly, it's a Christmas Miracle.

It was something that was easily constructed by an 8 year old and a 10 year old, too (the 16 year old? He was too busy doing Starcraft, or Minecraft, or one of those other computer brain-burning 'crafts', and didn't have the bandwidth for Gingerbreadcraft.)

After I'd made the frosting (aka cement), I turned the kids loose with the instructions.

#1. Fill foundation holes with frosting.

#2. Insert house pieces, front and back, into foundation holes.

Hold in place until frosting hardens a bit.

#3. Run a line of icing along angled edges, and attach roof pieces.

(#3b. Let your brother have a turn on the second side)

#4. Plant the Christmas Tree.

#5 After cement has hardened... decorate!

#6. Enjoy the decorative results as part of your Christmas Display.

(bonus points if you can spot your Christmas Card on the holder)

But hmm.

What to do, what to do?

All that frosting left over...

Kelly has an idea...

Nate! Come here!

She has a future as a stylist, perhaps...?

As an aside, that frosting really DID harden to cement. And there are still globs of it in the bathroom sink from where Nate removed his goatee and eyebrows. I may need to get a chisel to dislodge them.

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