Thursday, December 30, 2010


Yikes, people.

It's midnight, and what is my son doing?

He's laying on the floor of the family room, filling out his DRIVER'S LICENCE PERMIT APPLICATION.

He's been taking Driver's Ed this week through one of the local driving schools. A four-day short-course, (so he doesn't have to take the interminable after-school sessions), paid for by the grandmothers' generous Christmas Fund.

(And can I just say "Whew!" because he has GOT to be the hardest person on the PLANET to buy Christmas/birthday presents for)

Seems the 4-day short course might just become a two-and-a-half day short course, because the class is pretty small, and they're working through the material very efficiently.

And what do they do at the end of the course?

Why, they make a Field Trip down to the DMV to get their Learner's Permits.


At least now, I know how tall he is (5'11") and how much he weighs (130lb), because we had to put that information down on the application.

I just hope they don't want the ACTUAL social security card. I know where mine is, and where Ken's is, but the kids? Kelly's is still in the envelope it was delivered to us in, and Nate's is AWOL, somewhere in the computer room. Of course, the 'story' of the card might be enough for the DMV employee. Our three coming-to-the-USA social security card numbers (Ken, Me, Skip) are sequential numbers. And if Ken shows his, and i show mine, maybe that'll do. The driver school instructor says it's a bit of a crap shoot if they ask you for your card or not.

I suppose it wouldn't hurt us to have to wait a week or so, if I did have to go down to the SSA and get a replacement card for Skip.

Old enough to drive?

Say it isn't so!

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