Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Eclipse. (Not the movie)

It's been a nasty week of weather.

The rain has nearly washed us away, and the wind that accompanied it is threatening to send our storm gutters into the next county. It's been dark and overcast and cold, and when it's not been raining, it's been depositing ice and frost on my car.

(yeah, I know, cry me a river, all you people who actually *have* a winter are saying)

So, hearing that there was going to be this great eclipse on the solstice night, I was thinking "yeah, but not for me, boo hoo"

Imagine my surprise, when, at 9pm last night, I peeked outside, and actually saw a star or two peeking through the cloud cover.

Of course, I had assumed that the weather would stink, so I hadn't rented any big long-lens bad boy glass, and was stuck with my own small collection... and an 85mm f/1.8 that I'd rented for a wedding that I'll be going to on New Year's Eve.


I wonder what that 85mm lens would do with the eclipse.

Let's test it out.

Oh poo... there's still a lot of cloud cover at 8:55pm...

Clouds, clouds, go away!

Woo hoo! Clear skies at 9:04pm

The beginnings of the penumbral shadow can be seen on the lower left edge of the moon at 9:47pm

It's a little more distinct at 10:24

But here comes the umbra. Earth, you cast a long shadow at 10:46...

At 10:55, more of the moon is obscured.

11:03, Nearly half consumed by shadow.

11:19, and we're getting close to complete coverage.

At 11:37, we're down to a sliver of moonlight, and the orange cast of the shadow becomes visible. This is a longer exposure, so there's a bit of camera blur.

At 12:11, I took my last shot. The clouds were starting to move in, and within minutes, there was no sign of the moon (or any stars) any more.

Goodnight, Moon.

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