Monday, January 12, 2009

Avoiding the dreaded "To Do" list. Part 2


Garage Door Repair Dude just phoned. He's having car trouble, and is waiting for a mechanic. My 9-11 slot is now a 12-2 slot.

Crapitty crap.

Oh well

I finished vacuuming downstairs, AND whipped the pantry closet into a bit of shape (all the cans are on shelves, all bags are in recycling, AND the vacuum fits in there now).

I really should head off to Safeway, as I promised Skip that I would buy copious quantities of "Simply Grapefruit" juice while it was still on sale. And now that GDRD isn't scheduled to be here until noon (at the earliest. Ack!), I could get the groceries out of the way, too.

Oh. Here's a shot (or two) of the blue painter's tape in our kitchen. If only we could tape over all the clutter, too, and make that magically disappear.

Where the new window, and the new single glass door will go:

And here's a shot of the eat-in area. We were going to do a built-in banquette, that's the L-shaped business. But now I'm leaning to a Mission Oak nook set that I found for a very reasonable price ready-made.

You can see that we'll be moving a little bit into the family room. Buh-bye old ratty carpet that still smells like the previous owner's dog when it gets wet.

That angled bit at the right will be the built-in desk. I just hope it doesn't end up looking too big and clunky.

FIngers crossed!

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