Monday, January 12, 2009

Wasted Day

Oh. Good. Grief.

So, the Garage Door Repair Dude was supposed to come between 9 and 11. Right?

(ps. This was AFTER the initial appointment which was for LAST FRIDAY afternoon, which had to be rescheduled last week.)

So he calls around 10 saying he's having trouble with the truck and was waiting for a tow. Rescheduled for between 12-2. That's ok with me. I can get a few more things done...

But then 1:30 rolls around, and there's no sign of Juan and his Garage Door Repair truck. So I call Precision Garage Door Repair. And get put on hold.



"Oh ma'am. Thank you for waiting. He called you to say he would be there between 4 and 6. NOT between 12 and 2."

Oh no. No. NO. No. NO he didn't.

"I'm sorry. But that's not true. I know that I will not be around between 4 and 6 and would NOT have agreed to that re-scheduling."

"Er, what I meant to say is that he SHOULD have said that he would be there between 4 and 6."

Crapitty crap. I was GOING to take Skip and Nate to Kung Fu. Kelly's at a play-date, and then is having a Spanish lesson (I think), so I don't need to take her to Kung Fu, but I need to pick her up at 5:45, which would be SMACK DAB in the middle of that window.

So I made a bit of a big stink. I didn't resort to using my "sewing language", but it was pretty close. And I didn't say "have a nice day" when I hung up, even. Take that!

But look. I will bring my blood pressure down by looking at flowers.

Or maybe kids.

Oh, and look at this:

Skip finally got his Birthday/Christmas/Good-grades/etc/etc/etc gift.

(We had to roll it all into one, because the blasted thing was So. Darned. Expensive)


It is orange.

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