Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Packing Up Day

Today is a packing up day.

I'm not going to be starting in on the kitchen cupboards, although I'm sure there is a TON of stuff that I could pitch from them if I was truly motivated. No. The kitchen will wait for another day.

Today, I'll be culling through the family room and the music room.

After Skip left for school in the pre-dawn darkness, I took a few minutes to move his gigantic loft bed away from the wall about 2 feet. (Good grief, that sucker was heavy. It was like trying to move a dead elephant.) He's got plenty of space in the center of his room, but I didn't want to turn his room into the "gigantic pile of boxes with a path running through the middle" so instead, I'll be putting ranks and ranks of boxes behind his bed, where he might not even notice them.

Even though I've culled probably a hundred pounds of magazines and old cook books out of the music room (they're now sitting in paper bags, ready to go off to scooter's workplace, where they'll get a whole new life of usefulness), there is still MUCH to be cleared out of there. Sadly, I am not brave enough to cull music. In my brain, music is this scarce commodity that should NEVER be tossed away. So I buy extra dozens of banker boxes, and pack it away, hoping to see it all again with fresh eyes in the summer.

Just call him Norris. Skip Norris.

"Permission to use deadly force and kick my best friend in the chest, sir"

Kelly had this great chandelier over her bed with these little LED dragonflies. I got it at IKEA a few years back. She used it as a night-light, and it was grand. But lately, the dragonflies have been blinking out one by one, until there was just one sad little dragonfly left, and his light sort of came and went.

Last night, while the kids were playing a game with dad, I finally took down the chandelier. It was kind of sad. I loved those little lights.

But I found something else, that's nearly as cool.

It's not a chandelier, though. And those little white blinky-lights get kind of warm, so I don't think I'll let her keep it on all night long.

Giant field trip yesterday.

Kelly and her class.

We went to Mission Santa Cruz, where the kids got to make candles, bricks and their own tortillas. It was quite the adventure. The park ranger showed them how to cook food by dropping hot rocks into the cooking pot. In Ohlone times, it would've been acorn mush that was being cooked, but the kids got to watch (and have a taste of) Malt-o-meal being cooked in the Old Way. If I'd known, I would've brought raisins and brown sugar, as the plain stuff just tasted like porridge with no salt and a bit of fire-roasted goodness. Fun times, though. And the smoke! Oh! The smoke! It was a hoot.

I was the "Tortilla Mom", helping the kids press out perfect little patties, while another mom helped the kids on the open fire. Eek!

But gracious, were those hot tortillas ever tasty, especially when they were slathered in butter, and then topped with salsa.


OK, no more procrastinating. Four boxes go upstairs behind Skip's bed before I take another peek onto the computer.

By the way...

Didn't I *JUST* do a mountain of laundry? Like on MONDAY?

How is it that I am already on my second load of laundry for the day, and there is STILL a mountain of folding left?

Oh, and what's up with my new swanky external garage door opener? That crazy thing doesn't remember the code that I programmed into it (while the garage door repair dude was watching, so I *KNOW* I did it right!). Hmm.

That'll also wait until after 4 boxes have been swallowed up in Skip's new secret-box-repository.

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