Friday, January 16, 2009

Hair. An 80's Retrospective

So yesterday, Skip's "Birthday Treat" was to sit down after school and have his hair cut.

And, being the mature young man that he is, he let me do a little bit of playing.

So here we go:

It's 2000 and something. Here we have the Keith Urban look. Well, minus the 5 o'clock shadow. He *is* only fourteen, after all. A little shaggy. A little chunky, a little "I just got out of bed, and what do you MEAN, I'm supposed to be combing it every day?"

Let's take a musical trip in the Way Back machine, shall we?

"And I ran... I ran so far awayyyyyyy"

Hello Flock of Seagulls Hair. Nice to know you.

Oh, he's not gonna like this next one.

Hello MulletHead. All business up front. All par-tay in the rear. But not the ENTIRE rear. It's nicely shag-cut on the top. Only the bottom is left to linger. Sort of like a cross between Shirley Partridge and Carol Brady. So I guess this is a little jump into 70s hair. Or... maybe it's a tip of the hat to Uncle Jesse from Full House. That was the late 80s, right?

And then we have the piece de resistance.

Hello, Talk Talk hair.

I got to this point, and said "Come on, Skip. This is the quintessential 80s haircut. You could be FAMOUS at school! Everyone would watch you. Honestly? When I was in high school, kids would've DIED to be able to have hair this fantastic." (and with a little gold hoop earring? Wouldn't that just take you back?????)

His response?

"Mom. There's *good* attention. And there's *bad* attention. This would get *good* attention at Halloween, but it's January."

True enough.


No. More. Photos. Please. Mom!

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