Sunday, January 04, 2009


For supper this evening, the kids and I had Ramen noodles as part of my New Year's austerity plan.

Then, for dessert, we had the left-over lemon curd from yesterday's Prime Rib and Chocolate Ganache Lemon tart orgy.

I think we'll have to have bread and water for a little while longer to make up for this:

*mops up the drool initiated JUST from uploading the photo*

Oh, and here are the finished lemon tarts.

What you can't see is the thin layer of bitter chocolate ganache that's hiding under the lemon curd, nestled inside those delicate shortbread tarts.

*wipes up more drool*

Oh no. My fork is empty.

*runs off to lick out the left-over lemon curd bowl*

ps: Why do we exchange gifts at Christmas, when I just KNOW that my kids are gonna latch onto the wrapping paper or ribbon, and be perfectly happy just playing with that...?

Toni's cat:

OH hai. Teh crinklee paper? Is mine! Teh yarn? Mine 2.

And then the boys spent the rest of the evening asking me to take photos of the cat, so they could "lolcat caption" the pictures.


Oh, maybe this present had something to do with it:

Skip got the "I can has Cheezburger?" book from his friend.

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