Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Christmas Loot. Just a little late.

Here's a few shots of the Christmas Loot.

Kelly got Webkinz. Why did we get her ANYTHING else? She really just needed these TWO things, and she would've been happy for the whole holiday.

Nate, he got into the Webkinz mood, too.

Unfortunately, he counted presents, and came up short compared to his sister (who got clothing, and thought of that as "SWEET!" unlike her brothers who saw clothing gifts as "What? Where's my REAL gift?")

For instance... Skip got boxers.

Oh yeah. He's thrilled.

He's usually so much more sedate.

Oh, I got treated VERY well, too.

Maybe you can see my gift?

I'm holding it.

Here's a better shot.

Truly, I was speechless. My parents were laughing, because I was making the fish face when I realized what was in the box. Ken rarely scoops me in such a big way. I thought I knew exactly what I was getting for Christmas. Of course, right now, it's lipstick for a pig, because I have zero skillz. But I'm working hard to get to know this magnificent device.

I took dozens of photos with it on the trip home last week.

Yeah. The roads were GREAT!

But then we got to California, and the sun came out.

This is what happens when I try to take a photo of my wonderful husband at a rest stop.

"Hello? If you are home, can you put seeds in my dish?"

Yummmm.. Thanks!

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