Saturday, April 11, 2009

Remodel Day 39. Primer!

Ken has The Littles at Kung Fu, and Skip is upstairs conquering some alien galaxy in Starcraft, and so it is up to me today to get a little bit of the Remodel List knocked off.

Today, I will be priming the downstairs bathroom (the one I "accidentally" peeled all the paint in), so the drywall guys can re-texture the walls next week when they're getting all the walls in the kitchen and family room done.

Our Beloved Contractor (OBC) had offered to do it himself, but he was willing to let me do it "to save the cost of his labour", which I am sure isn't chicken feed. He bought all the supplies, and left them in the bathroom, where they've been staring at me since Thursday afternoon.

So, this morning, I buckled down, and got to work. No more procrastinating. The drywall guys had already laid rosin paper down in the bathroom, so I didn't need to tape off the floor, or anything, so it was just Work, Work, Work.

Or so you would think.

I gave the can of Kilz Primer a good shake, and then opened it, and poured out a good portion into the paint roller pan.

And then my right eye started to water.

How annoying.

I wiped it, and loaded up the roller with primer.

As I stood up to start priming the first wall, my left eye started to burn, and then it started watering, too.

Well, nuts.

I wiped BOTH eyes, and got to work.

I hadn't primed half a wall, before my nose started gushing.

So there I was, painting a few swipes, and then wiping at my eyes and nose. Loading up the roller, blowing my nose. Painting over the nasty paint-scraping job I'd done, and swiping at my eyes with my sweatshirt sleeve.

Until it got so bad that I had to leave the room.

Well, nuts! This is going to take WAY longer than I thought. But instead of calling it an interruption, I decided to call it "breakfast", so I left things open in the bathroom (and did I mention that the fan is running full-blast the whole time?), and went and had a few pieces of toast while my waterworks slowly shut down.

It's now been an hour and a half, and I'm STILL not finished priming in that little room. How annoying! It's really quite maddening the tiny amount that one can accomplish when reduced to 3-minute shifts. And now, my eyes start running if I even get NEAR the bathroom door. I don't even have to enter the room to start up the gushing-reaction.

So I guess I'm either allergic to Kilz Oil Based Primer, or (as always suspected) I'm allergic to hard work.


Amanda Gregoire said...

I had the same reaction to it! It was really crazy!

Amanda Gregoire said...

I had the same reaction to it! It was really crazy!