Saturday, April 18, 2009

Remodel Day 47. Cabinets!

What were you doing at 4:30am today?

I was running around the house in a panic, wondering why "The Final Countdown" was blaring at full volume from Ken's computer.

Sing along with me...

It's the fiiii-nulllll count-down...
doodle Bump Bump BAHHHHH
doodle Dump Dump Dump Dah-Dummmmmm

Oh, har har har, boy children of mine! Funny joke.

And yes, of course, seeing as you're awake, and perky, and getting along so famously, and you've ALREADY WASHED YOUR HAIR! I would LOVE to take you to Starbucks, where our Youth Pastor is opening the store this morning. He opens 3 days a week, I don't know why you picked This Particular SATURDAY, but I'm happy to do this as a fun "We will remember this morning forever" memory maker.

(I had the healthy pre-dawn breakfast of oatmeal and knitting)

Being the only people in the store at 5:05am has its advantages.

Yum! Crunchberry-flavoured frappe! (It's strawberry-and-creme blended cream with a shot of hazelnut. Sugar-addict's high) Too bad that Starbuck (youth pastor's super-secret code name) was a bit fumbly and the little tester cups fell over like dominos when he put it down at our table. Just leave them there, Buck. I'm sure we can take care of them...

Skip is more of a Lucky Charms kind of guy. He didn't like the Crunchberries.

Back at the house by 6am, I made the boys PROMISE to be quiet upstairs, and sent them up to play Starcraft online against each other, and I got caught up a bit on the blogging and photo organizing.

Just as Ken was getting ready to take the kids off to the Board Game Club meeting, OBC arrived with his truck laden with Cabinet-Installing Goodies!!!!

So before Ken left, he helped Andrew bring in the most awkward of the boxes, which will anchor the kitchen.

*angel chorus breaks through the clouds, and sings*


And then we got to work, or rather, Andrew got to work, and he let me play with a box-cutter knife and break down the cardboard while he put the cabinets into their places.

This is what I'm liking:


Oh, and yesterday, when I was getting the primer, I took a $3.98 chance...

I think these little glass tiles might make a fine accent in an otherwise plain and simple backsplash.


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