Sunday, April 19, 2009

Remodel Day 48. Countertop Teaser

Yesterday, we put our "sample" of granite up on top of one of the installed cabinets, to get an idea of how tall the bar-height counter will be.

I think it'll be perfect. Alas, it breaks just a tiny bit into the space where the trim around the kitchen window will be, so it's gonna require just a wee bit of fancy trim-trimming. But I can live with that.

It was fun that the edge of the granite sample is squared off (so convenient for us).

I was pretty amazed that the garnet inclusions, in this light, look exactly the same colour as the cabinet doors.

I also had a bit of an "eek!" moment when I realized that one of the cabinet doors already has a ding in the corner. Our Beloved Contractor says that if it bugs me, he'll send it back, and have them make a new one. But I think that it's only gonna be a matter of days before we're making our own dings, and that's nothing that a little furniture wax won't make perfect again, anyways. Why bother with the small stuff, eh?

Today, Maurice comes back from Central America, and I think that tomorrow the kitchen floors go in. That means that today we should get all the base cabinets installed, and the fridge put back where it belongs... oh wait. It'll have to wait until the tile floor is finished, so scrap that plan. Today, we'll be moving the fridge into the family room, then.

Oh, and I'll be priming some more.

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