Monday, April 06, 2009

Remodel Day 37. Catch up. With cabinets!

OH man, I am SO far behind in my little 'documentary'.

Crazily enough, each and every day, I'm taking pictures, and thinking "oh, this is a watershed moment! But I'll *REMEMBER IT* and I can write it down *later*"


I am an idiot.



I may have gotten a little bit carried away with paint this morning. I bought another paint sample (This time, Behr's 'Pecan Sandie'. Looked good in the store on the paint chip. More 'beige' than I thought I wanted, but Behr doesn't seem to have many coffee-coloured taupes in its broad selection.)

But you put that sucker on the wall?


Hello! I live in a creamsicle.

(Well, phooey. It looks all neutral and lovely in this picture - it's the colour on the left - but trust me, in the cold hard light of day? that sucker's ORANGE!)

Oh, and the colour on the right?

That is also the 3rd-from-the-top chip on the left of the two colour palettes. Here's a close look at the paint chips:

It's called "Indian Painting", and is one shade lighter than the Chatham Tan that we put up on Kelly's wall when we painted her room brown and turquoise last year. I'd bought Chatham Tan AND Indian Painting, just in case the Chatham Tan was atrociously dark. It wasn't, so we ended up with this extra gallon of paint kicking around in the garage - this was before I learned the magical economy of BUYING A SAMPLE JAR FIRST.

And this morning, well, I might just have gotten a few too many Remodeling Fumes up my nose, because I got this wild hair that seeing as we already HAD this gallon of paint, we should maybe USE this gallon of paint, but all I had was the little 4-inch wide tester-painter roller, so you can imagine that things took a little longer when I decided to see what that colour would look like all along the upstairs hallway walls...

Yes. Say goodbye to the "I live inside a canteloupe" walls...

No photos of that. But I did "test" the colour in the living room... sort of.

In this (incredibly cluttered) photo, you can see the "Wheat Bread" on the half-wall in the foreground (I think it's just a little too cold in this room. It has a very gun-metal feel to it... not good with the limited light we get there), and the Indian Painting on the middle-range half-wall. In the background is Indian Saffron, which looks atrociously orange in this light, but is really barely a hint of yellow, and pops nicely against the white-white trim in real life.

You know, the more I look at it, the more I'm liking the Indian Painting. We'll see how I feel about it in the morning.

Anyways, I was getting a little carried away with the paint brush this morning, when I heard a beep-beep-beeping in the front yard, so I ran out with my camera (of course), to discover that it was time for the debris box to go back to wherever it came from.

A little disconcerting was the vast amount of liquid that came gushing out of the box when it was tipped up just a little bit more than it is now (it looks all tippy in this photo, but it's not even horizontal, owing to the steep-ish slope of our driveway). Of course, I watch too much CSI, because my first, I mean my VERY FIRST thought was "oh no! that better not be some liquified human remains gushing out of the back of that debris box!"

(somebody needs to watch less TV)


More beep-beep-beeping, as a semi pulled into the neighbourhood.

Unfortunately, he wasn't supposed to arrive until after lunch, so the crew that Our Beloved Contractor had hired wasn't around, so it was up to Truck Driver, Beloved Contractor, and myself.

*flexes muscles*

Ten minutes later...

And those tubes? They're full of moulding, and spacers, and all those constructionny sorts of thigns, but I just KNOW that my kids are going to go NUTS when they get to PLAY WITH THEM once they're empty.

Heck, I'm thinking that it's going to be a hoot to play with the empty tubes!

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