Saturday, April 25, 2009

Remodel Day 50. Kitchen Floors!

This is just a bit out of order, but I wanted to remember when things happened.

On Monday, Maurice and Andrew finished installing all the base cabinets. That included some behemoths, too! And they're all installed, and beautifully level.

So the tile started going into the floor on Tuesday morning. There'd been a glitch at the office, and the secretary hadn't scheduled the tile to be delivered, so Maurice (our hero) drove to the Tile Place, and loaded up his van with the lovely second installment of our wonderful porcelain tiles that had already been installed in the family room and laundry area. This way, they didn't fall behind schedule.

So exciting!!!!

Of course, there was the wee bit of chaos where I realized that we were living in the front hall, and we'd have to move the bookcases that had been housing our Temporary Kitchen v2.0. Now we look like complete refugees in the living room, as I've not been able to organize the extra boxes (oh, and the ironing board, because Ken ran out of shirts, and I've been falling behind on the Happy Home-maker front, and had to scramble to keep up) Anyways, it just looks awful, and I need to take a "sick day" from being a mom/chauffeur/whatever, just so I can get my housekeeping feet back under me.

They worked around part of the temporary kitchen, so I didn't have to move quite so much stuff right away.

The only down-side of tiling in the front hall?

They had to take off the threshold, and leave it off while the mortar cured overnight.

Hello, Rat Entrance!!!

You can believe I stuffed that tightly with a quilt before I headed up to bed that night.

But now it's Day 54, and Maurice and Louis are just finishing up the grout in the entire kitchen/hall area, and the floors look LOVELY!

There... a sneak peek of the kitchen floor, and LOOK! Cabinets! With doors on!

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