Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Remodel Day 49. Brief Tour #2

The guys were BUSY today!

And it was hot, hot, HOT! I tried to keep the fridge full of cold drinks, just so they didn't keel over from heat stroke (and then potentially put dings in my new cabinets when they fell to the ground).

In the morning, I went out and ran errands, including a run to the gym (where they still remembered my name, I was amazed! I've been gone too long.), a cruise through the grocery store (never get groceries right after a work-out, when you're ravenous. That's all I'm saying), a trip to Home Depot to get more primer, and a visit to the store that sold me the windows and door, where I FINALLY learned from them that the reason that ALL the doorknobs that I've bought for the back door haven't fit is because Millgard doors REQUIRE Millgard hardware. Yes, that would've been GOOD TO KNOW before I drove myself nuts trying to find a knob that fit. Oh, and then the Window Guy had the nerve to say "Oh, we didn't order your door hardware because you didn't know what you wanted".

WRONG ANSWER, DUDE, considering that I have my invoice right here that has "ORB" indicated on the Door Line Item. And ORB? Stands for "Oil Rubbed Bronze", not "her eyes were like limpid ORBs, and I couldn't look away".

So, he most graciously (she says, with just a touch of sarcasm) is going to "get right on that".

Yes. I would like to be able to open my back door, considering that it is EIGHTY-Freakin-FIVE degrees inside my house at 10:30 at night.

But that was a digression...

My last stop was Subway, where I snagged $5 Footlongs for OBC and his sidekick Luis. They had to keep up their strength.

And now look what they've done!

They kept their brains occupied by listening to NPR podcasts.

I enjoy a contractor who understands the correct way to listen to podcasts, although I think his daughter is missing her boombox...

I must have broken down an acre of cardboard from all the boxes that the cabinets were delivered in. Tomorrow, I'll be delivering all that cardboard (neatly cut up into uniform pieces, and all address labels removed) to the giant cardboard-recycling dumpster at the middle school.

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Christina said...

Haha, I love that he brought a Hello Kitty Boombox with him...!