Saturday, April 18, 2009

Remodel Day 47. Cinderella

Kelly has discovered "housework", and she couldn't be happier! She thinks it is all that and a bag of chips.

Yesterday, she did 4 loads of laundry.





I just have to teach her how to fold, and I'll never have to touch dirty clothes again.

And while the laundry was running, she asked "Mom? Can I wash the bathroom floor?"

I tell you, how could I possibly say "No" to this face?

And look at how great the tiles are looking?

Too bad I'll have to cover them up today when I prime the bathroom... AGAIN.

When she finished in the bathroom, she wanted to wash MORE floors! So I put her to work on the exposed tile in the family room. And that's when I started calling her "Cinderella", which completely cracked her up! Ken's aunt and uncle (the high-end realtors) were coming by to give us some advice on colours and patterns for the remodel, and I wanted to be able to show off a bit of the finished project. Fortunately, they HIGHLY approved of our tile choice, and granite choice, and they really liked the cabinet door style (I couldn't find the colour samples... (oh poop. Here they are RIGHT BY MY COMPUTER!)) even if the colour wasn't correct.


I think I may have solved the "What colour do I paint everything?" dilemma. Aunt V said that the colour that they're putting into many of their new listings as they're getting ready to go to market is a Kelly Moore paint called "Wise Owl". And if it works for me, she even told me the colour to get for trim: "Swiss Coffee".

If I get through the priming today, I might go and reward myself with a trip to Kelly Moore.

Now... what jobs should I give Cinderella (and her BFF, who had a sleepover last night) to do this morning?

Perhaps a little dusting is in order...

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