Sunday, July 11, 2010

Horse Camp Week 1. Day 3

On Wednesday of the first week, I stuck around and made a nuisance of myself, so i could watch the girls bring the horses in from the pasture.

I love that early morning light.

The horses looked very eager to please, too. My guess is that the girls are routinely bribing the horses with treats.

"Do I smell carrots?"

Some horses come eagerly.

"Hey? Is that bowl of oats for me?"

Others... not so much.

"Nope. Can't make me."

Eventually, they all got saddled up, and headed out for a short morning ride. Their long ride would be to the beach at noon. I was going to come back and photograph them on the beach, but to get a little bit of exercise, I ran down to the beach myself, and took a few (hundred) shots of things going on along the trail.

Including this shot of a gigantic snake (a garter snake? that thing was huge! I bet his body was bigger in cross section than a silver dollar.) disappearing into the bushes.


But let's get back to fun stuff:



Those carrots were for the horses!

Then it was time for the beach ride.

That's a funny way to ride a horse... And you'll feel every bump if he starts to trot.

Ah, that's better.

Off they go...

It was a glorious day for a beach ride.

Sunny, bright, just a hint of wind.

Here they come!

I had to scamper fast, because I was still at the top of the bluffs, and had to get down onto the sand before the horses started descending.

And down the hill to the beach they go.

These photos just don't convey how truly steep that path is. I get a little flustered going down it on two feet, and I nearly passed out the one time that I rode a horse down it.

But eventually, they are all on the beach.

I could watch that all day long.

Walking back to the ranch, I came across this little guy.

I love the little tufts of stuff he's carrying around for his nest.

And look! Here come the riders, back from the beach.

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