Monday, July 12, 2010


Kelly had a few friends sleep over last night.

When morning came, their mom said "Hey! We're going to the beach, do you want to come?"

Who am I to say "No" to a day at the beach?

Well, maybe I should've thought twice. It was a pretty lengthy drive to a beach I'd never been to, and it was pretty chilly and grey when we got there. I was glad I had a hat. It kept me warm.

But the kids had a great time.

And then they got to Boogie Board!

That's a grin, not a grimace, right?

Because this one sure is:

This one, not so much:

Hooray for the beach!

Now, if only I'd remembered to put sunscreen on the tops of my feet after I took off my sandals when I got to the beach, and had to wade to our home base...

I am in AGONY! But I just have to laugh at the dorky sandal-tan-line burn that I've got going on. I had a nice base tan on the feet, where the sandals do NOT cover. And now I'm suffering with burns along those little previously-white lines.

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