Saturday, July 10, 2010

Super Shopper

Every year, I put together a hard-cover digital photo-book for the girls that go to horse camp with Kelly.

The first year, I just made the book for me, and thought "You know, I bet the other girls would like something like this" and ordered 4 copies, and gave them as gifts.

The next year, all the moms wanted the books AND wanted to pay me for them. (To be fair, two of the moms paid me that first year. They insisted, in fact. It was kind of nice, but I wasn't expecting it)

This year, several of the moms asked if I'd be making a book, and also said they expected to pay for it. With seven campers, and the camp's horsemanship teacher herself asking for a copy ("Which, of course, I'll pay any amount! You take great photos of my horse!" yes, it's quite the ego stroke for me), I just put in an order for 8 copies.

And then I did a quick little online search to see if I could snag a coupon...

And found one that just saved me...

Wait for it...

Drum-roll please...



Oh... did I mention that I just saved a hundred and three bucks?

A hundred.


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