Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Packing for Mars

Last night, Kelly and I went to one of the local libraries and listened to an author.

It was the first time Kelly had ever been to a 'grown up' author event. The school often brings in authors of children's books, but this was a bona-fide NY Times bestselling author.

Mary Roach.

I had devoured her first book, Stiff, when it came out. I think it was recommended to me by one of you guys. As a matter of fact, I *know* it was, and you've got a pair of socks from me (though not because of the book recommendation) if I don't miss my guess.

Anyways, her newest book is called "Packing for Mars". I've read the little preview bits on amazon, and they're a hoot.

I thought Kelly might like to listen in on her warped and slightly irreverent take on all things sciency. So off we went.

Of course, I was a world class idiot, and left my camera at home. Good thing every electronic device being made these days comes with a built-in camera. Boo on the fact that it takes hideous low-light shots.

It was a great talk, and there were only a few inappropriate-for-children moments, but I think they sailed pretty easily over Kelly's head.

And at the end, when it came time for her to sign some books, they set up the book signing table RIGHT by where we were sitting, so we were 3rd in line. I made Kelly line up (the line formed really quickly, and people were jostling pretty hard. WHO is going to jostle a 10 year old girl out of line, though? Heh, I am a mercenary.

Mary: So, are you going to go into space?

Kelly: Um... maybe. Maybe not.

Me: She's the animals-on-earth lover. Her brother's the rocket scientist.

Mary: Well, where is HE?

Me: Oh, doing something computer-ish at home. He would've just mocked his sister here, anyways. This isn't 'girl stuff', for him.

Mary: Oh really? Well, what's his name? because this book is for YOU, honey, and NOT for him. Heh. ... oh.... Or does that sound too mean? I'm just joking...

Me; Oh, that would be priceless.

Mary: We'll show him that girls can go into space just as easily as boys.

And so that's how Kelly got her personalized book from Mary Roach. And bonus points to Ms. Roach, who didn't ask her how to spell her 'real' name.

(yeah, yeah. You all know that I use pseudonyms. Here's the real dealio)

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