Wednesday, June 04, 2008

All Quiet on the Western Front...

... or is it?

The second set of traps that I set out haven't seen any action.

Can I hear a "Hooray"????

Last night, though...

Ken's going out to take the trash cans from the garage to the street, and I'm putting things away in the kitchen when I hear him call from the garage. "Kem-ma"

Imagine Fred Flinstone, as he calls "Willlll-maaaaaaaaa"

(ok, so he didn't call like that, but humour me. It makes for a funny story.)

Anyways, he calls me to the garage, "Kemma? While I'm doing the trash, please set out the new traps"


Apparently, when he went to grab the trash cans, a little mouse scurried under his feet and booked it for the safety of the zone under the freezer.


And when we looked at the rat trap, all the peanut butter had been licked off of it.


So now the garage is re-booby-trapped.

And I'm afraid to go looking in it this morning before I take the kids to school.

In other news.

I registered Nate for Kindergarten yesterday.

I did ...WHAT???, you may ask. Isn't Nate finishing Kindergarten tomorrow? Doesn't he have his little Kinder-Convocation tomorrow evening?

Why yes. Yes, he does.

Here's the poop.

In our school district, the schools are very full. Full to capacity, even.

And even though Nate is a sibling of a student who is currently enrolled, he is NOT guaranteed a spot in First Grade next year. Crazy, yes? And all the times I've gone into the school office, the only answer that they can give me is that they'll PROBABLY know by some time in August.

I can't wait until some time in August to know whether Nate's got a space in our local public school. Can you imagine the chaos that would ensue in the fall if I have to take Kelly to our local school, Skip to the local middle school, and then Nate to some overflow school 15 miles away? Oh, and that school has the exact same starting bell as Kelly's school.

I was chatting with Toni yesterday (she is truly a font of all knowledge sometimes), and she said that at her school in the district, they had a new student start on Monday. Apparently, someone had left the school to go to ANOTHER district (that is also full to capacity) to finish the year (2 weeks) there, so they would be guaranteed a spot next year, and before the kid's desk was even cold, ANOTHER kid had moved into it, thus guaranteeing HIS spot at that school next year.

Hmmm, the wheels of my brain were turning...

I went to Kelly's school (I'm there All The Time, anyways), and asked the secretary "Is the kindergarten class currently full to capacity?" She looked up at me, "Actually, it's not, right at this minute. There's one empty slot"

I looked her in the eye, and, after an eternity of internal turmoil, said "Not any more. I'd like to register Nate as a kindergartener for the remainder of this year."

She smiled a tiny little smile. But it was a secret smile. Officially, she has NO OPINION on this, and cannot counsel me one way or the other. She did rush the paperwork through, though.

And Nate starts at Kelly's school on Friday.

The new student.

I hope the kindergarten teacher doesn't kill me. It's gonna be a butt-load of work to bring a new kid into the fold at this late stage.

I'm going to try to talk to her today, and just let her know that this truly is just a formality, and I don't want Nate to be afforded with all the comforts of a 'regular' Kindergarten student. Think of him as a 'guest', or a 'visitor' for this last week. He rolls with things so easily, and I think he'll be pleased just to meet new kids.

Or this whole thing could blow up in my face, and I could live to regret it.

We'll see on Friday.

And now it's time to take the kids to school

Have a grand day, all.

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