Monday, June 16, 2008

Not to be outdone musically

Kelly had her musical yesterday morning.

She's been practicing with the kids choir at her friend's church since January.  A few months ago, she was given a solo.  She practiced it really hard.

I was quite worried on Thursday when she started saying her throat hurt, and REALLY worried when I looked in her throat on Friday morning to find a white spot on her tonsil.  Ken took a look, and thought it looked more like a zit or a canker sore than the dreaded white spots of strep.  But still... a mother worries.

Of course, the weekend was SO busy that even if she HAD had strep, we wouldn't have been able to get to a doctor to have her seen before leaving for camp, and then Ken would've just had to put his foot down and say "You're not going to camp where you will infect a hundred other kids", and then she would've cried, and then I would've felt like crap.

But on Sunday morning she seemed to have most of her voice back.  And the mysterious throat spot was gone.


She just had the post nasal drip and the suddenly-squirty-runny-eye symptom that I find the MOST disconcerting when I have a cold.

But I told her to do two things while she was up on stage.  Do NOT adjust the barettes in your hair, and Do NOT wipe your nose or eyes on your shirt.


Skip and his buddy Cole got a bit concerned during the first performance, because she had the squirty-eye thing hit her, and the boys thought she was crying because she was nervous or something.  Yeah... Kelly... Nervous.  Har har har.  That's a good one, Cole.

But even with her head cold in full flower, she still managed to make her momma proud.  A couple of slightly flat notes, but she was mostly on pitch.  And better than the older kids that sang.  But that's just her proud mommy talking.

And, well, maybe I had a bit of eye-squirty action too.



mysteryhistorymom said...

I love it! She did a great job and I know you are so proud.:-) Lori

bernard n. shull said...
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