Sunday, June 01, 2008

Busy night in the Parker House

And we weren't making rolls. Get it? Parker House... rolls? OK, it's a baking joke. And a lame one.

After years of putting up with the half-broken kitchen faucet (just ask my best friend. She broke the handle off nearly 4 years ago, and thought she was to blame. If I'd been more of a punk, I would've let her think it was her fault, but honestly, it wasn't the first time it had busted. And it's been broken EVER SINCE!) Ken went out yesterday, and, while getting a replacement halogen bulb for the kitchen light got this wild hair and came home with a new kitchen faucet.

And then he was all He-Man and burly, and FIXED IT!



Oh that? That's my little jerry-rigging. We couldn't turn the hot water all the way off, so I tied a baggie to the drippy end, and then wired the pipe so that the drips would fall out of the bat into the bucket, and stay out of the way of My Hero, the Computer Guru Slash Plumber.

And then....

Oh wow. No turning back. And someone? Get rid of all that gross caulking!

And the finished object?



And it doesn't leak! And it doesn't squirt water to the ceiling when you turn it on. And the handle doesn't come off when you turn on the cold water.


In other news.

It's the 25th anniversary of the movie War Games.

The director and a few names from the original movie came to New Hip Company last week. There was a private screening of the re-mastered Anniversary Edition.

And there were give-aways.

Woot again, I say!

Ken said he could have gotten any of the DEFCON levels from 1 to 5, but thought that Nate, Little Mister Swirling Disaster Zone, really deserved DEFCON 5.

OH man, no WONDER I'm not losing any weight in this online weight loss challenge.

The last concerts of the year at Middle School were last week.

Skip had to be there both nights because he was in the band AND in the jazz band.

Ken got a little bored.

I just knit.

And knit and knit and knit and knit.

Skip played well, but I think they played better at Disneyland.

But I think he played even better when he was playing with the Jazz Band.

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