Friday, June 06, 2008

First day of Kindergarten... again

We peeled out of the house early this morning, probably the first time that's happened in the entire school year.

I wanted to make sure that I was at school early enough to actually MEET the kindergarten teacher that I would be unloading Nate onto for the day.

I was all a bundle of nerves.

I shouldn't have been.

Turns out she's actually a retired teacher, come back to sub for her friend 'til the end of the year. She waved away all my "i'm so sorry"s and "I don't want to make extra work for you"s with "Extra work? What's that? it's kindergarten!" And when I said "If anything comes up, and the situation gets awkward having Nate in there, I'm working in the library all day, and you can just send him over." she laughed. "Nothing's gonna come up." was her reply.

Yeah. I like her.

And the first girl he met remembered me from when I used to drive her big brother in a carpool a few years back. And all the parents that I ran into (there were a ton), already knew me (hmm, I guess I do spend a lot of time at the school, don't I?), and thought I was just genius bringing Nate in when I did.


Shh. Don't say anything, but I think Skip blew his trumpet audition for the Cream-of-the-Crop band for next year.

Turns out his audition was today, and, as you may or may not know, he's been completely obsessed this week with learning how to play the Chapman Stick.

Not a lot of trumpet practicing going on.

Not. A. Lot.

None at all, actually.

Oh well. We'll see what happens. He doesn't seem too broken up about it, anyways, as he raced into the house after school today to turn on the amp, so he could practice the Linus and Lucy theme from the Vince Giuraldi book that he found on top of the piano.

Oh, that's nobody we know. I just wanted the song in this entry.

And Skip's not wanting to play it on the piano, but on the Stick.

OK, two end-of-year events down today, uncountable ones to go.

But the Volunteer Thankyou Breakfast is over. And it was lovely. I had my ear talked off by a few parents, though. My goodness, the gossip is flying thick and heavy this spring. Juicy, too.

*eyes bulge a bit*

And then we had the Junior Librarian Luncheon at noon. All the kids that "helped" (and I *DO* use that term in the loosest possible way) were invited into the library for a party, complete with gifts and goodies. And then I kicked them out and put a bit "DO NOT DISTURB" sign on all the library doors.

Now the fun of organizing the collection begins.

I only hope that we'll be able to find funding over the summer to 'invite' the librarian back. Yuck. I hate that they're pink-slipped, but honestly, (*whispers*) if we have to cut something, I really think it SHOULD be the library, and not something like reading specialists or music. We've got a number of excellent public libraries within cat-tossing distance of our school, so honestly, there is no shortage of books. And I've looked in the classrooms, and each one is brimming with very well-stocked classroom libraries. So yeah. even though I *ADORE* working in the library, I do see the logic in cutting it first.

Nate's little Kindergarten Graduation was very cute. I have photos... somewhere.

I didn't stay for the reception afterwards, though, as I had a little touch of whatever has brought J-jumping to her knees. It's the Elton John diet... Rocketman!... burning to the bathroom every night.

I'm just glad I made it home from the ceremony without incident. Hooray for living 3 miles from the school. Any farther, and there's no telling what might have happened. But I will draw a curtain across any speculation that might become too much information.

In other Nate's First Kindergarten news...

I totally forgot to give his teacher a present yesterday.

I suck.

But I know she'll be in her classroom on Monday cleaning it out for the summer, so I've got all weekend to come up with something excellent... you know, that excellent thing that I *accidentally* left at home yesterday ALL THREE TIMES I went to Nate's school.


That is all.

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