Monday, June 02, 2008

Knitty content: The Haruha scarf

This is my first foray into lace knitting.

You can find the pattern for the Haruha scarf here.

Even though the Drops Alpaca that I was using shed like a samoyed blowing his coat in spring, I really like how the yarn knit up.

I'm sure eventually, the loose hairs will all fall off, and the finished object will be grand.

Here's the piece after the knitting was done.

And it's great just like this, but it doesn't show off the lacy bits. Let's give that a dunk in a sink, and a bit of a stretch out while it dries.

Drying.... drying...

And now look at it!

So here are the specs.

1 skein Drops Alpaca sport-weight. 50gm. 180m.
Finished dimensions: 20cm x 100cm. (8x39 inches)
Needles: 3.75mm

And it is Soft, Soft, Soft. I may have to wear it tomorrow, even if it is 80 F outside.

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