Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Nate's Magnum Opi

Is 'opi' the plural of 'opus', like cacti is the plural of cactus?

[well, would you look at that? It's 'opera'. I'm keeping it as 'opi', because I think it looks cool, and I don't anyone thinking that he's writing any operas about floral-shirt wearing Ferrari drivers in Hawaii]

Nate and his classmates tore down the classroom today, in preparation for the final day of school tomorrow (which is a cook-out). As a result, he brought home all his work for the year. Included in this pile of wonderfulness is a bunch of books that he 'published' over the year.

I will regale you with some of them.


"My TV in My Head", a book by Nate Parker. (imagine that each of the following lines is at the bottom of a page, richly illustrated)

I have a TV in my head. My head is the remote.
My forehead is Captain Scarlet. My left ear is StarCraft.
My right ear is Battlefront. My chin is Star Wars.
My neck turns off everything. I haven't even done it yet. I am going to do that at my house.
My sister took my TV out of my head! I took Kelly's TV out of her head!
I have a computer in my head. I play StarCraft all the time. I will have a very good year.

Ahem. Not bad for a Kindergartener (or, as a friend of mine mentioned "Not bad for a kid that's REPEATING kindergarten), if I do say so myself. I think he'll do fine in Public Kindergarten, come Friday.

Here's another book:

The Teachers Don't Lock the Doors, a book by Nate Parker. (once again, each line is on a different page, richly illustrated)

My house says penguins. I like penguins. Bart likes penguins. My house SMELLS like penguins!
My school smells like penguins! Today Bart and I decided to spray air freshener.
Everything smells like penguins because penguins are walking in our school. Bart and me sprayed air freshener at the penguins!
The air freshener smells like anything you want. Bart and me chose the smell of lollipops.
The teachers don't like the smell of the air freshener so they ran away and they didn't lock the doors.
The children sang "Party, party, Puffle!" When it was recess all the kids played dodge ball.

For 20 years and a month this went on. I felt very good and I never wanted it to end.

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